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12 Days of Quarantine: Day Nine

12 Days of Quarantine: Day Nine

How's it going? Are you hanging in there, Mama? I know there's only so many times you can watch Frozen II before total insanity kicks in. You got this!

Welcome to day nine!

A Lesson for the Kids:

Anybody up for an activity that keeps the kids occupied for at least an hour and allows you to sit on the couch while they run around the house? Sound good? I thought so! Today we're going on an alphabet scavenger hunt!

What you'll need:

  • Alphabet cards (or make your own out of plain paper)

Exhausting supply list, isn't it? Now just lay the letters out, and let the kids go wild. Have them go around the house and find things that start with each letter. To add an extra layer, have them draw numbers out of a hat! Whatever number they draw is how many items they should find for a specific letter. 

Looks for Mom:

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Selby Smocked Top

If being bored and stuck inside has amped up your workout routine, why not show off those guns? If not, I totally relate. Show them off anyway! 

Quarantine chic? It's the newest trend. And if you're just throwing these on long enough to snap a pic for Insta and then switching back to sweats, you're doing it right. 

 Little Bow Dress - Pink Cotton Gingham

Quarantine date night? Mama still needs some romance, am I right? We've got the perfect dress for it.

Swing Coat - Yellow File

With the kids home 24/7, the snack supply is probably dwindling quickly. So what you need, Mama, are some deep pockets to hide your stash of Reese Eggs. 

Barbie Sandals

Since you're getting the pink dress (wink wink), you should probably throw in some pink shoes, too, right? I think you should.

That 70s Mom Shades - Pink

Turn regular quarantine life into la vie en rose. 

Heart Beaded Earrings

Kids driving you crazy? We can all relate. Pop on these heart-shaped earrings and just keep telling yourself "I love my kids. I love my kids." We can do it, Mama!

 Colorful Crossbody - Hot Pink

You may be wondering why you need a new purse right now. First of all, do you ever need a reason? Second of all, your kid might decide that now is the perfect time to start a rock collection on your daily walks. Well, now you're ready.

Tuxedo Blouse - Pink

Who's up for a quarantine fashion show? This bright pink tuxedo blouse is definitely an eye-catcher and perfect for strutting around the house to your favorite music. Work it, Mama!

Stia Stonewash Jeans

When it's time to brave the grocery store, slide on your new favorite pair of jeans and prepare for battle. Things could get interesting in there. 

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