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12 Days of Quarantine: Day Five

12 Days of Quarantine: Day Five

You made it a whole week!  It feels like months since we saw you last. Mamas, you did it. Pour a glass of bubbly and cheers to the weekend. You deserve it. 

Welcome to day five!

A Lesson for the Kids:

 I know that technically speaking, Saturdays means no school. I get it. But the kids aren't going to stop begging for entertainment just because it's the weekend. Trust me. Anybody up for a fun, outdoor, science experiment? 

What you'll need:

  • Water
  • White vinegar (1 cup per eruption) 
  • Baking soda (6 Tbsp.)
  • Dish soap (1 tsp.)
  • Paint (washable is highly encouraged) 
  • Plastic cup
  • Outdoor space with small rocks or dirt

What to do: Fill plastic cup ⅔ full with water. Add in paint, dish soap, and baking soda. 

While you're mixing, let the kids build a "mountain" out of rocks or dirt. Once the mixture is ready to go, set the cup on top of the mountain. If you can, push it down to make it secure!

Give it one last stir and add in the vinegar. Stand back! It's eruption time! 

Other things to try: For the older kids, check out these experiments

Looks for Mom:

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Vive La Mère Tracksuit

We're making volcanoes today, Mama. Grab that sweatsuit and be prepared to get a little messy.
Walks are still allowed! Snag our newest version of the Star Gaze sneakers and hit the road. Socially distant, of course. 
I know I keep talking about earrings during self-isolation, but why not? I'm a firm believer that adding excitement wherever possible is the only way to go right now. 
Is winter being stubborn and refusing to leave? No problem! Shuffle the kids outside anyway. Our swing coat is ready to fulfill its duty of keeping you sane during these trying times. 
Another sweatsuit option. Can there ever be too many? Keep it chic with this matching set! Not that anyone will see it, but... if we thought like that, would we even change out of pajamas? 
Days spent obsessively wiping down every surface in the house with Lysol should end in at least one glass of wine on the porch, right? Our Cool Mom shades are the perfect partner! They pair fabulously with a crisp  Sauvignon Blanc. 
Black and white striped tees are as classic as they come. Why not step up your game while stuck in the house? When it's time to be social again, you'll be ready.
An impromptu game of freeze tag in the backyard? It's a good thing you've got a pair of shorts ready to go! Take off, Mama. 

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