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Nursing Cover Nonsense

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From my understanding, the nursing cover is meant to "hide" the act of nursing. It is breast-feeding camp, if you will. So why have the majority of the companies who produce nursing covers made them to look like aprons in ridiculous colors and patterns? I mean, when was the last time you chose to wear an apron in public? Aprons are typically reserved for the butchers and line-cooks, right? Wearing one of these nursing covers (i.e. aprons) seems to call even more attention and makes a new mother feel self-conscious. 

My initial solution was to use a black pashmina and a safety pin. While this worked most of the time, life became exponentially easier after the discovery of two products.


The first was the Waterfall Wrap by Mothers en Vogue (pictured above). Made of bamboo, this chic, lightweight cardigan is ultra soft, washable, and perfectly designed with a variety of buttons and loops to switch sides or pump discreetly. Another great plus? It's a great transition piece from season to season!


The second was the cotton knit cape from Sweet Pea (pictured above and available in charcoal or heather navy). This versatile cape is cut to accommodate a changing body, a nursing baby, and a breast pump. In fact, you could probably pump in your cubicle with this cover– although that might give you away! 

My advice? Ditch the typical nursing cover nonsense and try something that actually makes you feel like a woman, not a milk machine!


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