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Q&A with Megan Hewitt of Shrimp and Grits

Q&A with Megan Hewitt of Shrimp and Grits

Well I grew up on Sullivan’s Island and spent my childhood roaming the island barefoot and carefree: What a fabulous place to grow up. I went to USC, studied Art Education and taught art for several years before having my first child and subsequently starting my business. I married my high school sweetheart and have 2 girls Ella age 10 and Lyla Gray age 7. Life is good!

I love experiencing each phase they go through: baby, toddler, big kid and now tween. I feel like I get to know them more through each milestone and love watching them turn into amazing, creative, beautiful human beings.


Ella is 10, and is my creative kid. She is constantly imagining and creating- she has an very distinct aesthetic and will certainly grow up to do something in the arts. She is shy and contemplative and very, very silly.

Lyla Gray is 7 and is my wild child. She exists outside at all times in barefoot abandon. She is an animal lover and an amazing artist.


Motherhood really changed my whole outlook and focus in life. After having my girls, life no longer was it about me: my focus became my girls. Now that my girls are getting more self-sufficient, I feel like I am revisiting the girl I used to be. I’m traveling more, working out more and taking a little better care of myself.


Breastfeeding was a huge priority when my girls were infants. I was teaching elementary school art while breastfeeding my first and lived in button down oxfords because I was pumping between classes. What a crazy but wonderful time- I loved it!


I love a comfy boho look. My fall winter look is frye boots, a long cardigan sweater and leggings or jeggings. I love short shift dresses for the spring summer with booties or sandals. Comfort is key!



Camper Shirt Dress- shirt dresses are my go to in the spring and fall

Peacock mini swing dress- LOVE!

Mini Belted Dress in Floral Red- the perfect summer dress. I love things that are cinched at the waist.

Frankie Shirt dress in Cobalt Blue- love a shirt dress and royal blue complements my red hair

Milo Wrap Dress in Black Waldorf- Perfect for work casual

     Oversized Cardigan in heather gray- I love a cardigan in the spring, fall and    winter.

     The Wanderer Top- speaks to my Boho love

     Pintuck Lace Trim Top in Midnight

     Novelty Stripe Ruffle Top- Wow this is so fun- LOVE!

     Slub Cardigan- off white- perfect spring cardigan

     Philippa Drape Cardigan

     Super long leggings- black- a staple

     Front faux zipper skinny pant- dark olive

     Bethanie Shirtdress in Dark Chambray- I adore chambray!

     Mara Hoffman Long leggings- peacefield navy

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I decided to stay at home with Ella, my first child, and was sewing her little shift dresses. I was inspired to start my own line, found a manufacturer, and it all just snowballed from there. I randomly set my first line up a craft show, and a sweet mother asked to do a trunk show. She turned out to be my first rep, and it just grew and grew to now 130 reps nationwide. I now have 2 lines- Shrimp and Grits kids which is traditional, and Serendipity which is whimsical and resonates with older girls. Since my girls outgrew the more traditional pieces, I decided to add this other line which goes up to 14.


I live in the most amazing place in the whole world- Mount Pleasant, SC. I am smack dab in the middle of Sullivan’s Island, a quaint beach town and historic Charleston, SC. I love to run on the beach, walk to the Old Village Bridge and Alhambra Park with my girls and shop downtown on King Street. It is a magical place to live and I am inspired every day! Shrimp and Grits Kids designs often come from the my Lowcountry surroundings.


As we have grown, I have been able to delegate much of the day to day running of the business to my amazing team. I am so fortunate to get to come to work and DESIGN. I work on fabric and style designs for the majority of the day- I am currently at work on spring 17. I also communicate back and forth with my multitude of manufacturers approving and changing samples and fabrics. It is so much fun!


Wow, well that is the million dollar question. Running your own business is a full time job even though I leave every day to pick up my girls at 3 from school, my mind is never too far from the biz. My youngest struggles with attention issues and instead of medicating her, I set out on a mission to find the foods and nutritional deficits in her diet that are causing her issues. She has a food sensitivy list that is a mile long. So I bake the majority of her food. We are an extremely clean eating family which is pretty labor intensive and takes a lot of my free time. I make it a priority to work out and meditate with my girls and take “me time”. I find that if mama’s happy the whole family is happy.


Doing the best for my children- taking care of their mental, physical and spiritual needs and guiding them into productive and grateful adults.


Mother: Caring

 Wife: Best Friend

Friend: Loyal

Business Owner: Grateful

Designer: Creative


Bedtime Story: the hair of zoe fleefenbacher goes to school. I had crazy curly red hair growing up and my youngest has my hair but blond. It’s a great story about not stifling our children’s creativity and individuality.

 Lullaby: “Sweet Dreams” by the Dixie Chicks. My husband would play the guitar and I would sing it to my girls. It is such a sweet and beautiful song.

 Vacation Spot: Hope Town, Bahamas. Best place on earth!

 Restaurant: Red Drum. It’s my local hang- fabulous food, drinks and people!


Gluten free flour

bone broth

homemade yogurt

my vitamix


How motherhood completely changes your life as you know it: For the better of course ;)


Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture. ~Kak Sri


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