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A Week Of Artists: Way Way Allen

A Week Of Artists: Way Way Allen



We wrap up our 'Week of Artists' series with Way Way Allen. Known for her abstract watercolors,  Way Way's works add en element of delight to any space.

What a great week it has been of highlighting mamas doing incredible work in the art space! To celebrate Way Way's favorite work, we curated a mini collection of BURU styles inspired by the artist.

I grew up in Columbia, South Carolina and was fond of art and design from a very young age.  My father is an architect, as well as an artist himself, and both of my parents have an eye for art and design.  In college I studied Fine Arts with a focus in painting at The University of the South.  That is where I explored my love of abstract art.  Upon graduating, I took a rather long break from painting trying to figure out what career path I would take.  After years of teaching and then beginning a family of my own, I decided to get back into painting.  I have had a career in painting for the last eight years and am now represented by an online gallery called Charleston Artist Collective based here in Charleston.  My work can also be seen on Serena and Lily's art section of their website.
I would describe my art aesthetic as abstract, uninhibited and multidimensional.  
When I can get my two rambunctious boys to sit (or stand) for one minute, I love getting my paints out and putting a canvas or watercolor paper in front of them and see what comes of it.  There is something so rewarding seeing my uninhibited children creating their own little masterpiece.  The creative juices just flow right out!  I gain inspiration from them in terms of learning to let go and run with whatever inspires me!
My father who draws and paints as his hobby has some amazing charcoal and pastel drawings of nudes that I adore.  His aesthetic is so effortless and carefree which is why I am so drawn to them.  I also adore the work of my dear friend Kate Long Stevenson.  I love her balance of color and line in her figurative works!

Hard to narrow this one down to just one!!!  I would have to say portraits of my boys by Liz Lindstrom and the Ellsworth Kelly print my parents gave me a few years back.

I've got to be real here and say I'm most likely in workout clothes.  I'm usually running into the studio between exercising and picking up my boys from school so very rarely am I "dressed up!!!" 

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