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Have a White December at Home

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Paper snowflakes are one of the most traditional holiday crafts in the book. So why has it stuck around? Because it's easy, fun, and will make any of your rooms look like a winter wonderland without real snow!

You, and if old enough your kids too, have all the freedom to be as creative as you want with the design of each snowflake. All you will need are:

  • Multiple pieces of regular printing paper (8x11) in white, light blue, dark blue– it's totally up to you!
  • Scissors.
  • String.
  • Hot glue gun (if you hang snowflakes vertically).
  • Glue stick.
  • Tape/push pins.
  • Glitter (optional).


1. Take a piece of regular printing paper and fold the upper-right corner to form a triangle.

2. Cut off the remain gin paper that did not make it into the triangle.
3. Continue folding the paper into triangles until you can't crease the paper anymore.
4. Cut away! Making any cuts and/or shapes that you want. 

5. Unfold the snowflake.

6. For glitter users, take a glue stick and rub it all of one side of the snowflake. Then shake the glitter out, cautiously, covering the snowflake completely. Get rid of the excess glitter by shaking the snowflake over a trash can or scrap piece of paper. Beware: There will be glitter all over your table if you don't lay a disposable table cloth or spare sheet down!

7. Cut the string to whatever length the window, doorway, or area being decorated with them measures
8. If you are hanging your snowflakes horizontally, simply thread the string through the holes of the snowflakes. If you are hanging the snowflakes vertically, take a hot glue gun and apply two dots (yes, just two, a little goes a long way) on the backside of each snowflake. Quickly set the snowflake where you want it to sit on the string. Let the glue dry while you are hot glueing the snowflakes to the other strings. By the time you're finished glueing all the snowflakes, the first set should be ready to hang.


9. Use tape or push pins to hang.

If you don't have string or would prefer them to not hang, the snowflakes look just as wonderful taped on the walls!



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