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My Nursing Bra Learning Curve

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To be totally honest, I hadn't heard of nursing bras until the first appointment with our lactation consultant... two weeks before Olive was born. Looking back I feel a little like the Rachel character from the TV show Friends when she thought that personally running each diaper out to the trash would be a better than using a "disgusting" Diaper Genie. Before I actually began nursing, I didn't see why purchasing an entirely new set of bras seemed necessary. Why not just take off the bra? Why spend the money to have a "gimmicky clasp"? Right?


I can honestly say that after 11 months of breastfeeding, I cannot imagine life without my nursing bras. Not only is the easy, drop-down cup convenient during middle-of-the-night feeds, the fact that my other breast is covered and not shooting milk across the room is a total zebra rug-saver! 

So, what exactly was my nursing bra learning curve?

First of all, depending on how long you are able or choose to nurse, you may go through a couple size changes. I certainly have. So be prepared for this and know that investing in the proper nursing bra is not only going to help save your boobs, it will boost your confidence too. (View our sizing guide or contact Bu Ru Guru at buruguru@shopburu.com for any fit questions.)

Secondly, buy in sets of three: one to wear, one in the wash, and one on standby. Be sure to mix up styles and colors in your set. Certainly you will want one nude and one black. Perhaps you add a sexier one into the mix for date nights, and a racerback or convertible style will always come in handy. You may also want to consider a soft nursing bra or sleep bra for added comfort during the night.

And finally, don't be scared of one with underwire. Yes, if worn improperly (i.e. the wrong size) it can be uncomfortable or cause milk supply issues, but when sized correctly, an underwire nursing bra can be your best friend. Don't get me wrong, flexible cups are necessary, but an underwire gives your ladies a lift that just boosts your mojo. I personally believe that what heels do for the leg, underwire bras do for the boobs. 

Finding nursing bras is a personal experience and can feel scary and removed online. Luckily, we're here to help! FOr starters, we offer nursing bras exclusively from Cake Lingerie, an Australian brand that spent years researching and developing their styles with a focus on comfort, function, and quality. The added bonus is that they are also lovely with beautiful feminine details like floral printed cup liners and lace.

Beyond the bras themselves, we are here to answer any question that we can! If we can't, we are happy to direct you to a lactation consultant with a wealth of nursing bra knowledge.

Breastfeeding is a serious commitment– very rewarding and very selfless. The least you can do for yourself (and your boobs) is put them in a comfortable, great-looking nursing bra!

View our nursing bras by clicking HERE or by clicking on any of the above images. 


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