Hunter Bell, designer behind the Hunter Bell label, is a South Carolina native with the sensibility of a New Yorker. The contemporary designer was most recently named the winner of NBC’s hit show “Fashion Star”, where she competed with thirteen other contestants to have her collection bought by Express, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.  On September 17th she joined the mama club with the birth of her sweet baby girl, Harrison.  We are thrilled to have this beauty on the inside and out join our Tastemaker Tribe!

During the first month of this incredible journey with a newborn, I’ve loved looking down at Harrison’s tiny hand cling tightly to my fingers while she’s feeding early in the morning. The intimate moment of breast-feeding is an indescribable bond between mother and baby. The whole experience has been mind blowing and the intense love I feel for her has been overwhelming.
Since Harrison’s birth, there is a newfound perspective on life. My life was not complete before motherhood and can honestly say I was not living until Harrison was born. On a more practical note, as someone who claims to not be “domesticated” or a “morning person”, motherhood has certainly initiated a new side to my life.
I am currently breast-feeding and have found it difficult to get dressed in the morning. I need more blouses and dresses that button up the front, are comfortable and easy to throw on. As a fashion designer and breast-feeding mother I’ve been inspired to create more styles that keep breast-feeding challenges in mind.
I think my personal style will always feel very uptown/downtown. But unfortunately at the moment with a newborn my mom style is bra and underwear most days on the couch feeding. Ha.


Since winning Fashion Star I’ve seen my business grow, doubling sales in the last year. The experience as a whole helped me grow as a designer as well. I learned so much about my strengths and weaknesses while filming Fashion Star, which has helped me, become more focused designing each season.
Birkenstocks! My feet were so swollen that I couldn’t wear anything else on my feet
Paul and I currently live in Houston, Texas and keep an apartment in Manhattan. My business is located in New York City so I am traveling back and forth every other week between NYC and Houston. Currently I’m obsessed with Tiny Boxwoods in Houston for brunch and dinner. In NYC my favorite spots are Charlie Bird, Carbone and Gramercy Tavern.
Harrison is only one month old so everyday is insanely different, I’ve been following Mom’s on Call and trying hard to get her on a schedule but every hour is feeding, changing diapers, burping, swaddling….repeat. Sounds exciting right? Ha.
I think exercise is the most important thing for a mother and taking personal time out of your day. Also having an incredible husband that helps out and shares the parenting responsibility is truly a gift.
Patience, love, devotion, hugs, kisses, encouraging, etc.  

mother: blessed

wife: lucky

designer: perfectionist

business owner: fortunate

friend: loyal 

Cravings: orange juice

What helped you sleep: white noise and exercise

Vacation Spot/Babymoon: St Regis Punta Mita

Push Present Wish: diamond eternity band

Children’s Brands: anything from Land of Nod! 
How much patience I would need to successfully breast-feed and how hard it would be. It’s truly a labor of love.  
“Got any rivers they say are uncrossable, got any mountains they say “can’t tunnel through”? We specialize in the wholly impossible, doing the thing they say you cant do”. Song of the Panama Canal Builders

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