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Countdown to Father's Day with Jamie Burton of Oh Mama Co.

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We certainly  LOVE to celebrate mamas here at Shop BURU, but let's not forget that it takes 2 to Tango (aka make a human).  With so many amazing #BURUmamas, it's no surprise that we have quite the list of dedicated daddies who make life better, more fun, and more full of love! 

We are so excited to feature the baby daddy part to Jamie Burton, co-founder of Oh Mama, an all-in-one resource for mamas! You can post, share & ask questions about absolutely everything mama and kid-related in your city! From kiddo-friendly spots to the best doc for you in the area, all the answers to your mama questions can be found at ohmama.co!

Read below as Jamie shares Father's Day traditions and top gift picks for awesome dads!


Jason Burton, 33


We first met in college at the University of Maryland, College Park but didn’t start dating until a few years later after we ran into one another by happenstance.  We woo’ed one another for a while and our endless game of cat & mouse ended with marital bliss!


He gives 100% of himself to everything he does, including being a father.  He is there for all the big and little moments of our children’s lives and I am so grateful for that.  He is already teaching our kids how to have a sense of humor about things, how to dance to a good beat and how to have a little patience (something I continue to work upon)!  One thing he has instilled in our children is to always be empathetic towards others and grateful for what you have.  Secretly, he is also the world’s greatest dad because he always seems to recognize those moments when mom just needs a little break


We always love to be on our rooftop deck or at one of our parent’s houses eating crabs and drinking a good cold beer.  This year I may try to get an oyster shucker!


Because we are from Baltimore I have to include anything UnderArmour for the sporty dad!
This keychain is a great! It's a sentimental gift thats also useful! 
The Gifted Boss: so great for any father who has to manage people.
Because who doesn't love a cold beer?

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