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Countdown to Father's Day with Jewelry Designer Deirdre Zahl

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We certainly  LOVE to celebrate mamas here at Shop BURU, but let's not forget that it takes 2 to Tango (aka make a human).  With so many amazing #BURUmamas, it's no surprise that we have quite the list of dedicated daddies who make life better, more fun, and more full of love! 

So...Let's Celebrate DAD!

First up, the second half to jewelry designer, Deirdre Zahl, of Candy Shop Vintage.  Read below as she shares a little bit about her baby daddy, along with her top 5 picks for Father's Day gifts this year.

John Zahl Age 38

We met at a bar in Brooklyn where we were introduced by a mutual friend

When I met John I always knew he'd be a great Dad because he has so much energy and a sense of humor, two things that serve you well as a parent. He is not afraid to be totally silly with Daphne, which she loves and he takes her on lots of Daddy daughter dates where they will both get dressed up and go out to lunch or get an ice cream. A lot of times when it is his turn to put her to bed I can hear him singing with her before she goes to sleep. He also, like most Dads, has a hard time saying no to her. They are tight - she's a real daddy's girl!

We'll be in Rhode Island on vacation for Father's Day so we will probably find somewhere we can celebrate with a good lobster roll!


Check out  Deirdre's top 5 Father's Day gifts below.   And mamas, we won't judge if you pick up a little something for yourself at her darling online jewelry store, Candy Shop Vintage.



1. The summer NORTH hat from Askov Finlayson funny and ironic for Southerners and appropriate for North/North-Westerners!

2. Chief Trunk makes great men's gifts especially this chic but masculine dopp kit

3. A Goyard credit card holder

4. The Norco City Glide bike from affordabike

5. A Classic Gitman Brother's Vintage shirt from Indigo & Cotton


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