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The Non-Diaper Bag Solution

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I spent all but one month of my pregnancy in Beijing, China where traditional diaper bags look like Sesame Street spewed all over a really bad knock-off Louis Vuitton. Does it get any worse– I mean in regards to superficial baby bag banter? I think not.


My solution was to buy a fantastic, oversized off-white alligator tote. Why not? I mean if an alligator skin can survive the elements of a swamp, it can certainly handle some spit-up. 

Then Olive was born. I soon realized that what a diaper bag often lacks in style, it makes up for in tiny pockets to hold all sorts of tiny things that quickly overwhelm a common (albeit alligator) tote bag. The remedy to my old solution? Fill my alligator tote with small bags to keep it organized. 

At that time, I grabbed whatever cosmetic freebie bag I had accumulated over time. The inside of my diaper bag looked like a department store give away. Now, thanks to LOLO Bags and Boulevard, my bag has never looked better or been more organized!

To hold Olive's meds (gas drops, baby Tylenol, teething tablets, etc.), I use the LOLO skull and crossbones bag. I use the LOLO exclamation point bag for necessities like wipes, diapers and pacifiers. For food, snacks and a spare sippy cup, I opt for the larger "cosmetics" size LOLO bag. I reserve the Boulevard "Fix It Kit" for mommy things like breast pads, shout wipes and make-up to "fix" my face after a long day.


Of course, if you want to go the more traditional baby bag route, then the Knocked-Up Baby Bag by Rebecca Minkoff cannot be beat. It has the chic look of a designer handbag with the insides to keep mommy and baby happily organized.


After all, you can never really have too many bags, right? Never. 

Shop mommy-friendly and nursing-friendly bags HERE


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