This coming Saturday, we are Disneyland bound! In preparing for the trip, Olive has been exposed to some of the tackiest paraphernalia I have ever seen. Naturally, she wants all of it.

Though I am particular when it comes to her clothes and toys, I'd like to think that I'm not a total control freak. Tacky toys have made their way into our home one way or another (including purchases by yours truly). BUT...the crap that I have seen in the last week leading up to our Disney trip has topped the terrible charts. And the stuff is NOT cheap! I mean—who needs a $1400 Limited Edition Ariel Figurine made of Swarovski crystals?

The truth is running "princess paraphernalia patrol" is a full time job for me. If Olive had it her way, we would bedazzle her sputnik chandelier and replace her silk roman shades with oodles of blue tulle to match Cinderella's dress. I am constantly trying to help her make smart choices—yes to tiaras during dress-up to them on school days. Yes to Tinkerbell wings for neighborhood walks, no to them on airplane trips. And NO to Minnie Mouse hand towels and bath mats...EVER!

What I don't understand is why must these items (that our children inevitable desire) be so dreadful!? I decided to go on a mini-mission to discover a list of Disney products that won't make you cringe. Not going to lie. It was tough—but hopefully that is something within the list that will satisfy your little one and keep you from losing your cool!



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  • Jennifer

    This is awesome!!! I have been keeping my eyes open for our trip this Fall! Look no further?

    Jennifer on

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