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Morgan's Must Haves: Road Trip Edition

Morgan's Must Haves: Road Trip Edition


BURU will be taking to the road in about a week (stay tuned for the fun details).  To prepare for this Road Trip SOUTH, I am packing up my essentials for surviving life on the go for 10 whole days. This week's list is a peak into my travel bag and things that make life more comfortable when I'm away from home.

First things first—the bag (or should I say bags). It may not be the cutest bag on the blog, but my Tumi Alpha 2 has been traveling with me since my days in China. It's tough, it gets the job done, I swear I can cram more stuff in this little guy than I ever thought possible.
For my everyday tote on the trip, I like to keep something with an open, slouchy top and fill it with a handful of smaller bags to keep my contents organized. I have been using this Bottega Veneta bag for years. It just goes to show that a good investment can go a long way.

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My go to brand for smaller, cosmetic style bags is One Truffle. Made of a soft clear phythalate-free PVC with luxe leather trim and zipper closures—these inserts are perfect for keeping things organized and in sight at the same time.  I suggest collecting a variety of sizes for different needs.
Inside those little pouches, I keep my mommy and Morgan must-haves.  Though Olive won't be with me for all of the trip, I always carry some toddler essentials with me: princess band-aids, honest baby wipes—travel pack, snacks, and stickers

And now for mama...

Face wipes for quick refreshers. I love these by MILK MAKEUP as they are individual wrapped and ideal for on-the-go moments. Hand lotion to beat the dryness of all the hand washing one must do while "road trippin'". And speaking of hand washing...Road trip hotels are typically not stocked with clean, top of the line products. I love Beautycounter's Travel Collection.

In one of the pouches I keep a myriad of quick fixes:

There is a lot of time on the road and sometimes...no cell reception (YIKES!) Makes for a good time to takes notes, doodle, daydream, or plan for the future. I love to keep a notebook and pen handy if the moment strikes!

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