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The Wrap Dress Solution

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding can do some pretty things to a new mom's body. It certainly took my bust line on quite a roller coaster ride. In the beginning my boobs were so full of milk that what I counted on to become my go-to-nursing-in-style solution– the wrap dress– was a total fail.

Such a fail that my sweet, and most of the time sensitive, husband literally laughed in my face when I came downstairs wearing one (a wrap dress) to go to dinner with his family. In my defense, I knew there was a problem too. I just wanted him to see how bad it really was! I went from sweet-new-mommy to tacky-trash-ball with the finishing tie of the wrap.

But there is good news! Shop Bu Ru has a simple, $10 solution– the Cropped Cami by Niki Biki (available in eight colors).

You see, a regular camisole bunches up and creates the illusion of cellulite and fat rolls– as if a new mom needs that! And a sports bra may not be stretchy enough to pull down to nurse or pump– not to mention the fact that it will look... well, like a sports bra.

So, if you're like me and have a closet full of wrap dresses that don't work or are planning to purchase one to make nursing and pumping easier, then please save yourself some frustration and grab a couple of our cropped camisoles. At $10 bucks a pop, they are a new-mom no-brainer. I honestly can't think of a $10 purchase that has provided me more comfort since I bought a can of numbing spray after childbirth. 

View the camisoles here or click on the link above:


To view any of the dresses above, simply click on the picture. 




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