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What to Wear to the Delivery Room

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Like most 16-year old American girls, I spent hours deciding what to wear to my junior prom.  And, when it came time for my wedding(s) with Brett (yes, we had three, the time I spent designing and shopping for my total of 6 ensembles is almost embarrassing.  Actually, it is totally embarrassing.  So why did it not occur to me that I might not want to wear a nasty, over-used hospital gown on the day that I welcomed my baby girl into the world until one week before her due date?

During the hospital tour portion of our birthing class, I noticed a pile of not so fresh looking hospital gowns. This prompted me to immediately get online and search for “cute birthing gowns”.  I quickly ordered two pink and white polka dot gowns and had them overnighted just in case she came early.  Looking back, I am still grateful for those tutty frutty pink gowns, but when it's time for baby number two, I will most definitely be wearing the Active Labor Gown – in black.  Think of it as the DVF wrap dress for giving birth.  Complete with holes for your epidural and baby monitoring cords.  Plus, it is one-size fits all, the fabric is antimicrobial, and it has buttons at the shoulders to allow for easy skin to skin or nursing.  You will look and feel as chic as is humanly possible while performing childbirth. 

Not currently pregnant or planning for number two or three?  The Active Labor Gown is an amazing gift for your sister, your best friend, your daughter-in-law, or that certain someone who already has everything on her baby registry.  She will thank you for taking the guesswork out of what to wear on the most important day of her life. Guaranteed.

Purchase the Active Labor Gown HERE on Shop Bu Ru. 

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