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The BURU Bag



The BURU Bag


  • BURU Bag
  • BURU Bag Deluxe


Personalized MOM Style. No Shopping Necessary!

Elevate Your Mom Style with ONE click.

Between motherhood, career, caring for your home and taking care of everything else in between, we know just how busy you are, Mama! Finding time for yourself is nearly impossible.

The BURU Bag is here to help! With one click, #momstyle is on the way to your front door!

How It Works:

1. YOU select & purchase your bag size.

{Standard = $318.  Includes approx. $400 worth of retail merchandise}

{Deluxe = $525.  Includes approx. $700 worth of retail merchandise}

2. WE send you a short Q&A (think mom efficient length) to nail down your needs and confirm sizes to the email address used to place your order.

3. WE assemble and ship your personalized BURU Bag complete with styling suggestions. (Please allow us 2 days to ship after we receive your completed Q&A)

4. YOU receive your BURU Bag, try on the loot and fall in love with your new #momstyle!

Pricing & Returns:

You only pay for what you keep! (NO FEE FOR STYLING!)

The more you keep, the more you save!

If you keep every item from the Standard Bag you receive 20% off everything!

If you keep every item from the Deluxe Bag you receive 25% off everything!

While we hope that we get it right and you love it all, we know things may not always work out. Returns are easy and items will be prorated in price based on how much you keep. As an example—if you keep 2 out of 5 items from the Deluxe Bag, you will receive 10% off those items. To keep it simple, a personalized price breakdown will be included in your BAG.

Please note: If you do not keep any items in your BURU Bag, $15.99 will be withheld from your refund to cover shipping costs to and from. If you return a portion of the bag, $8.99 will be withheld from your return to cover shipping one way.

Discount Codes* other than FREESHIP may not be applied to The BURU Bag.

*Use code: FREESHIP at checkout.

**Please note, this is NOT a subscription.  We only send you BAGS when you tell us to!

***The BURU Bag is currently only available in Continental United States. If you live elsewhere, please email info@shopburu.com for further assistance.

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