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It is a simple concept: Breast-feeding and looking good should NOT be mutually exclusive. BURU’s mission is to help every nursing mother look and feel her best during this special phase of life and beyond.

Frustrated with the lack of stylish nursing wear and the time drain of finding workable ready-to-wear, founder Morgan Hutchinson, new mom and former stylist, created ShopBURU.com - the first and only online destination of hand-selected ready-to-wear for breast-feeding mothers. Deriving from the Chinese characters 哺乳 (BU RU) meaning to breast-feed, BURU is a carefully curated collection of clothing dedicated to a mother’s lifestyle. Each garment is thoughtfully selected with fabric choice, fit, functionality, and, most importantly, fashion in mind.

In the past, nursing mothers were often forced to compromise their style. Not anymore! Not only is BURU an efficient and effective resource providing adaptable and on-trend clothing to breast-feeding moms (and beyond), it doubles as a personal stylist. By featuring multiple ways to wear each individual garment, mothers can get from weekday to weekend and back again.

The best part about BURU? Whether you love prints and patterns or prefer solids and simplicity, BURU carries what you want at the price you’ll love from new, exciting designers to established favorites so you stay stylish and on trend.

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